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Introducing the The Agricultural Cyberbiosecurity Education Resource Collection

Resources for Formal and Non-Formal Middle School Educators

The  Virginia Tech Center for Advanced Innovation in Agriculture (CAIA)  is pleased to announce the release of The Agricultural Cyberbiosecurity Education Resource Collection intended for middle-school level educators in formal and non-formal educational settings. 

Cyberbiosecurity is an emerging field that focuses on creating security measures for digital aspects of our food and agriculture systems, creating a structure and opportunity for a safe food system that can meet the large needs of a growing population and world. 

This collection of 30 documents includes customizable resources designed for formal and non-formal agricultural educators working with middle school aged youth.  Three types of materials are included in the collection: 

  • – Reference materials for facilitators to introduce key concepts
  • – Youth-facing fact sheets present these concepts at a 6th grade level 
  • – Hands-on activities integrate agriculture and cyberbiosecurity concepts Continue reading

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